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Exclusionary Feminism Is An Oxymoron

Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism. What exactly IS it?

It's a loosely-organized collective with a message of hate and exclusion against transgender women in particular, and also transgender men. They attach themselves to radical feminism as a means to deny trans women basic access to healthcare, women's groups, restroom facilities, and anywhere that may be considered women's space.

They use rhetoric suggesting that trans women are would-be rapists, when according to the FBI in 2013, NO TRANSGENDER WOMAN RAPED a non-transgender - or cisgender - woman, yet 14 rapes occurred where cisgender (non-trans) women RAPED TRANS WOMEN OR TRANS MEN.

When the statistics are pointed out, they threaten to RAPE transgender women by making what appear to be veiled threats:

They use feminism as a means to justify their message, which isn't based on women's rights or protecting women, but is simply a case of hatred of a minority:

In their words. a transgender woman is a "self loathing gay man"…… and it's interesting that this comment above came from Justin Norwood, a 29 yr old gay male.

People would not choose to stand out among a group to be singled out for abuse, for beating, for rape or to be murdered. Being transgender is not a choice, it is a scientific medical reality. It would be far easier for someone who is gay than transgender. Gay people look the same as everyone else…..they don't have the same issues as a transgender person, they never have and never will. This is yet another commonly used trope by the TERF movement, and one that the medical community are quick to disprove.

When this line of attack does not seem to be working, they often switch to using the trope that being transgender is a mental health issue. It's true that because of societies reaction towards transgender people, particularly trans women and trans women of color, many trans people suffer from depression and bodily dysphoria. However, this is NOT the cause of them being transgender, but the SYMPTOM of abuse that those such as the TERF groups like to perpetrate on them daily. No one is mentally ill for being transgender - medical science has already proven this, and transgender is not listed in the mental health guide known as DSM. This does not stop the TERFs from claiming that something must be "wrong" with a transgender person for "mutilating" themselves through surgery:

One of the tenets of TERFism, is that they claim to wish to abolish gender - yet everything they do is geared to call transgender women "men", and everything they say involves "penis". Anyone who doesn't fit the simplistic "male and female" gender binary is discounted as male:

However, many non-binary identified people were assigned FEMALE at birth.

Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism is an oxymoron. Trans-Exclusionaries are NOT Feminists - they are simply a right-wing branch of mainstream GAY thought, designed to push the T out of the LGBT.


The Simple Truth About TERF

Monica Roberts, in her previously quoted TransGriot article, stated that:

"You don’t ignore bigots that have access to power, you confront them head on" 

So today, with the assistance of the Transgender Violence Tracking Project, a not-for-profit website which tracks cisgender violence against trans women, we bring up some well-known tropes and strategies used by groups like the GIW and their followers. I'm paraphrasing here, but the main points of the article are:

“You can’t use the same argument we use against YOU against US!”  


This is THE most seen response to posts made targeted towards the Gender Identity Watch hate group, and its social media team. They constantly put transgender women's lives in actual danger by outing them and posting personal information, yet when their identities are copied from their social media posts and placed on a blog, suddenly we're putting them in danger? Sorry, that argument holds no water because all the violence involving trans women is TOWARDS trans women, not the other way around.

They don’t seem to recognize that their behavior of misgendering individuals have ramifications of violence towards a minority. 

As TVTP wrote, again I'm paraphrasing:

Those in power always slur the minority. The GIW members, supporters, and the organizations head, Cathy Brennan encounter no risk of violence if misgendered- transgender people are the ones that carry the risk of violence.  

TERFs love to deadname trans* folks.  (deadname: using birth names versus legal names)  They love to use the deadname as some sort of declaration that we aren’t real.  So, does that make every married person who accepts the last name of their spouse illegitimate?  Are they ‘not real’?  Should we be deadnaming those who get married and ignore that they have chosen a different path, a legal path for their name?  Absurdity follows absurdity. It’s again back to the ‘I’m the authority’ type of argument that falls flat when compared with facts.   

Phallic Fallacies and Fantasies: Countless examples throughout history show us the extremist views of black and white thinking.  It is a tool in the trade of hate mongering and hate speech.  They ignore all the other evidence that have been listed for a couple decades such as neurological studies, chromosomes, intersex birth variations, etc, yet bring everything back to a phallus. Of course, we all know genitals/genitalia are hardly a descriptor of the makeup of the gender of a person and science has disproven the theory a long time ago.  It’s their largest stumbling block to true understanding of gender identity - the belief they have that penis = man. A penis is a male TRAIT, it doesn't DEFINE A MAN.

Another couple of their arguments are we ‘invading women spaces’ and that we are ‘pretenders’

The TERF tropes have been discussed endlessly back and forth between the trans* community and the TERFs.  No matter if science is brought to bear with proofs, or any other concept is brought to the table, the same old ‘penis’ argument seems to be their primary focus.  Sadly, you can’t argue with someone when all their energies and brain activities are focused on a single point between your legs (which bears a STRONG resemblance to that of teenage boys!).  TERFs are too immobilized to think rationally by their own psychological OCD of the penis.

That doesn’t mean however that we shouldn’t constantly be vigilant in confronting such utter nonsense and hate.  Consistent rebuttal of hate speech and calling out the individuals responsible for such absurdities can be used as a platform to educate the masses.  The conversations with Cathy Brennan and with Kathleen Middleton (the GIW trans-pretender) have brought thousands of people a better understanding of gender identity, and that we have radical haters that do everything they can to stop basic humanity and equality for transgender people.

Every person whether an ally or a trans* person can rise up and dispute the hate being spread.  TERFs aren’t to be feared by our community.  They are to be clearly shown for what they are- haters and fear mongers.  Ms. Roberts summed it up nicely in her article: “…you cannot ignore in the vain hope she [or TERFS] will go away someone who has the access to policy making tables that Brennan has and the willingness to use it against us.   It's a dangerous combination when you have a trans bigot willing and unrepentantly able to not only express anti-trans attitudes, but is actively working to inject them into policies that will have deleterious effects upon the entire trans community not only here in the United States but around the world.”

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Personal Reflection

I see my friends hurting. I see my friends working. Hard. I see members of my community researching, writing, gathering, marching, and educating. I see members of my community fighting for their right to sexual and physical safety, equal access to public resources, to basic healthcare, and to effective legal protection. I see them fighting for these things oftentimes either without the support of the rest of the community in which they are supposed to feel safe (that community being the LGB) or while facing direct opposition from segments of this community.

I see many individuals and groups of individuals allowing their allegiance to a political party, religious doctrine, or theory of gender, feminism, or queerness undermine their allegiance to their fellow human. I see particularly persistent conceptions of gender essentialism, binary identities, and trans-exclusionary radical feminism promoted by hate groups for the purpose of polluting hearts with misguided hate. Turn open dialogue into closed minds. Turn constructive conversations into violent verbal abuse. And all despite a wealth of available personal narratives and scientific evidence.

I read. And I listen. Read, and listen. I do believe that opening oneself up, mind and heart, and truly listening is incredibly important when seeking to understand, empathize with, and support others - especially if one is unable speak on a subject from personal experience. As is contemplating one's own privilege. Researching the least biased possible sources. Adapting viewpoints to available evidence and lived experience. Admitting when one is wrong. Apologizing for offensive behavior. Seeking common ground. Standing that ground. And, ultimately, allowing one's intuitive heart, with its endless capacity for compassion, to construct the larger meaning.

As different as all of the created or borrowed beliefs, deities, dialects, doctrines, dogmas, various religious texts, and cultural practices are in this world, I think we can all agree to see that what is good in us is also good in others. That the larger good we are striving for involves bringing people together. I think we can agree to treat others with love and respect.

I will always listen. To the stories and opinions of others and to the truth in my heart. And I hope you will too. Listening is a very good start. But we must also act.

(I enjoyed reading this article about listening in particular:
The Importance of Listening as a Privileged Person Fighting for Justice
by Jamie Utt)

“You and I are the force for transformation in the world. We are the consciousness that will define the nature of the reality we are moving into.”

“As one individual changes, the system changes.”

“A moment comes when "other" is no longer other.”

- Ram Dass

Friday, July 25, 2014

More Followers And Contributors of Gender Identity Watch Hate Group

All information obtained from public profiles and publicly available geotagging references on their social media pages, and produced here merely as information so that you can ensure that these people are removed from your social media followers/friends lists:

Jackie Siggens, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK:

Tracie Warden Denga, Modesto CA:

Kaitlyn Newton, Croton-On-Hudson NY:

Abigail Vernon, Hillsboro OR:

Wendy Lev, Utrecht University, Netherlands (admin on Justin Norwood's new Facebook page, Homosexuals Not Homogendurals):

Heather Edens, Wright State University OH:

Katherine Brophy, Madison WI:

And of course, Justin Allan Norwood, of San Angelo TX:

FBI On Transgender Rape

It's time to address the accusations and insinuations by Gender Identity Watch that transgender women are trying to "infiltrate women-only spaces to rape"

The FBI has stated in their recent account of rapes of women that ZERO rapes have occurred where a trans woman was the aggressor towards a cisgender female.

However - Justin Norwood, Cathy Brennan and Linda Hudson please take note -  there have been FOURTEEN (14) rapes where a CISGENDER FEMALE has raped a trans woman or trans man

A lesson to GIW as to what constitutes harassment

Gender Identity Watch and it's affiliates, when being exposed for posting and espousing their ideology, claim that trans women are harassing them:

And here:

Therefore, I feel it's time to give them a lesson on what is and what is NOT harassment.

Harassment is not:

1) Responding to allegations made by yourself and others in your hate group, where you call transgender women "men"

2) Responding to allegations made by yourself and others in your hate group, where you call transgender women would-be rapists

3) Responding to posts of personal information by yourself and others in your hate group, where you have "outed" transgender women and subjected them to public ridicule and possible rapes, assaults and murders

Harassment IS:

1) Calling transgender women "men" - when they are not

2) Alleging that transgender women only become women to "invade female spaces and rape"

3) Posting personal information of transgender women.

Lesbians involved with transgender women are not lesbian?

This is according to GIW's new FB page run by Justin Allan Norwood, a 29 yr old gay man from San Angelo, TX:

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cathy Brennan's latest conversation with Trans Activist

Reproduced with permission under the MD Single-Party Consent laws courtesy of Allison Woolbert:

Cathy Brennan - "Vanillacentric Privileged Trans Oppressor" - by TransGriot

Originally posted by TransGriot

"Sorry You're A Vanillacentric Privileged Trans Oppressor
In another episode of Whyte Radfem Womyn Gone Wild, the trans community's least favorite radfem stepped in it when she tweeted this photo and transphobic commentary to Marti Abernathey, the founding editor of Transadvocate while she was at a radfemconvention hatefest in Portland, OR last weekend.  

So what's the big deal about it?   Pull up a comfortable chair and grab some snacks because Moni's gonna give you some of the backstory on Cathy Brennan, our community's longtime trans oppressor.

She claims in her online scribblings she's an ally, but her deeds don't match her words.

Brennan is a self identified lesbian feminist, an attorney licensed to practice in New York and Maryland and a partner at Hudson Cook LLP.   She was a liaison to the American Bar Association's Commisssion on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity  in 2008-09, and a self identified member of the National LGBT Bar Association

But seguing back to the point about respect that she leveled at Marti in her tweet. 

Why should the trans community have respect for a group of racist white radical feminists who have attacked our humanity and femininity for four decades with deleterious effects on our lives?   

That cry for respect is Romneyesque hollow coming from someone who proudly co-wrote with Elizabeth Hungerford a transphobic paper to the UN Entity For Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women.

That paper's submission was timed so the trans community didn't hear about it until after the August 1 submission deadline and couldn't submit our own paper to rebut and eviscerate the Raymondesque lies, transphobic bigotry and typical radfem falsehoods contained in the Brennan-Hungerford one.

But the Transophere still rose uprebutted and eviscerated it anyway, which is why she and her full of vanillacentric privilege co-conspirator in trans oppression did the UN stealth submission to begin with because they knew it wouldn't withstand the scrutiny nor avoid the stench of intolerance..

She also published the pre-transition names of trans feminine activists who have called out her vile behavior, used her access to the legal system as an attorney to frack with the legal gender change of another trans critic and recently outed to his high school a 17 year transman who called her out online and bragged about it in radfem circles until the backlash hit her azz.

And naw, before you ask, she hasn't apologized for it. 

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention she was on the opposing side when Baltimore County, MD was debating passing trans human rights coverage?  

But she is the first along with her fellow radfems to cry 'white women's tears' when the trans community and our allies call her out on her malicious pattern of behavior.  

And don't even try Dana LaRocca to bring up the 'Cathy helped organize the Crissy Lee Polis rally' talking point.  One broken clock moment doesn't outweigh her decades of damaging work.

In a comment on the Transadvocate FB page, the ABA responded:

"The Business Law Section does not support or condone discrimination nor derogatory comments of any type. We actively work to increase diversity in the legal profession and to promote an inclusive atmosphere for all of our members and for those who attend our meetings. Catherine Brennan is not currently an ABA Business Law Section Liaison to the ABA Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. She served one year in that position in 2008-09.


I know you didn't think that in your vanillacentric privileged world that transpeople (and especially this non-white transperson) were going to simply submit to having their human rights fracked with without a fight?

Did you think you and your friends could continue to frack with this community with impunity and suffer no consequences as you did so? 

My question is where are the feminist (and transfeminist) voices calling out this reprehensible behavior?    And you wonder why feminism has such a negative connotation in the trans community and with women of color in general? 

Trans community, you cannot ignore in the vain hope she will go away someone who has the access to policy making tables that Brennan has and the willingness to use it against us.   It's a dangerous combination when you have a trans bigot willing and unrepentantly able to not only express anti-trans attitudes, but is actively working to inject them into policies that will have deleterious effects upon the entire trans community not only here in the United States but around the world.  

Ignoring Brennan gave her and her racist radfem buddies the impression they could continue to do this oppressive crap to us in the first place.  

New decade, new rules.  You don't ignore bigots that have access to power, you confront them head on and it's about damned time the trans community recognized that


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cathy Brennan slams head of non-profit Transgender group

Interesting discussion that took place on Facebook this afternoon, sent to me by one of the parties concerned, reposted using single party consent even though Cathy Brennan's comments were publicly made and not made privately to the other party concerned:

Someone is lying, but who?

It was noted yesterday that Cathy Brennan, in her "Doxxing" post yesterday, said:

"Woolbert "shared" a conversation she(sic) had with one of the people erroneously identified as a member of this collective on the doxxing blog"

However, Katherine V Middleton herself said in conversation (taken directly from the document posted yesterday):

"There's about two dozen associated with the group, one of which is me"

Either Cathy Brennan or Katherine Middleton are lying. As to which one is it? I'll leave that up to blog readers to decide for themselves. 

The law explained

Cathy Brennan's tweet encouraging those affected by the GIW.NET's re-posting of the information that they already posted themselves on Facebook and GIW.COM to file harassment suits, is ridiculous for an attorney. 

We would like to remind Brennan et al., that she and the others who have had their pictures posted here have contributed or re-posted PUBLICLY using the same pictures and names used in our blog, and no person connected with this blog have contacted any of the people concerned.

However, Cathy Brennan and Gender Identity Watch have committed harassment against transgender women. In some states, such as Maryland, and states neighboring MD, selecting a victim for harassment due to gender identity or appearance is actually considered a hate crime under recent legislation due to go into effect.

The following piece from today's GIW.COM article, shows deliberately attempts to out a transgender woman as being "male" 

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Parker Malloy has been called out in this fashion on their blog - the repetition of which is in itself indicative of harassment under 3-803(a) below. In case she has forgotten, I would like to remind Ms Brennan, of MD Title 3:

Subtitle 8 - Stalking and Harassment
Section 3-803 - Harassment.

§ 3-803. Harassment. 
(a)  Prohibited.- A person may not follow another in or about a public place or maliciously engage in a course of conduct that alarms or seriously annoys the other: 
(1) with the intent to harass, alarm, or annoy the other; 
(2) after receiving a reasonable warning or request to stop by or on behalf of the other; and 
(3) without a legal purpose. 
(b)  Exception.- This section does not apply to a peaceable activity intended to express a political view or provide information to others. 
(c)  Penalty.- A person who violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction is subject to imprisonment not exceeding 90 days or a fine not exceeding $500 or both.  

The information posted here on this blog is not intended to harass any of the parties named, but merely to provide information to others in social media of those who may be a threat to their safety and well-being by publicly being part of, publicly agreeing with, or publicly re-posting material from the Gender Identity Watch hate group, and are published under 3-803(b)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 2. Finally a response from GIW. Actually, two posts in one day regarding the outing of their members and supporters - defined as those who consistently re-post GIW articles and post agreement on GIW websites and social media pages.

Firstly, I would like to address something posted 22 hours ago on their current Facebook page:

Cathy, despite your narrow and scientifically and medically proven wrong definitions in all of your categories, I would like to address one category in particular: The "Hermaphrodite". Hermaphrodite was a term commonly used in the past to describe and consequently OPPRESS intersex people. Congratulations on the use of the word "Transgender" as opposed to "Tr*nny" or "Transexual" - it shows that some of last 20 years of community education has not gone completely unnoticed, however, your use of "hermaphrodite" shows that there's still room for improvement.

Justin Norwood: I refute what you have said in your latest GIW website post, entitled "We Know Who You Are" - you are "whoiscis" and you HAVE been exposed. Also, I am not connected with any Twitter actions being taken by others who may or may not fall in the transgender umbrella, although I wish them success in exposing you for the hate and hate-enabling speech you constantly post online. Also, the information I have published is screen captured in its entirety, so is hardly "numerous innocent women".

Cathy, returning to your post regarding the doxxing….there is no illegality and you have no cause. Single-party consent. You should be aware of that.

It's interesting that your post hints at feeling unsafe due to this information being disseminated in a single source - yet this is EXACTLY what YOU DO to women who due to various medical  reasons, may have been assigned male at birth. You play on the misunderstandings of mainstream cisgender society, and are particularly fond of posting "before and after" images to "prove" that a woman is "really a man" thereby putting their very lives in danger. Trans women are 400x more likely to be murdered than a cisgender lesbian. Thank you for exposing so many women to that kind of real fear. You have absolutely no right to complain. You have constantly and consistently exposed women to danger, by taking what they posted in what they believed to be "safe-space" and publishing it hiding behind the very same legal protections currently being utilized by this blog.  

Without further ado, here is today's outing of  more of your GIW members and supporters:

Samantha Wood, University of Waikato, NZ:

Jessica Shepherd Scott, Louisville KY:

Landras Moontree, Louisville KY:

Heidi Peterson Cannon, Lincoln CA:

This will continue to occur with each post made to the website. You can no longer publish names, addresses and images of trans women using information published on Facebook, without exposing EVERY SINGLE ONE of your friends and followers to the EXACT SAME TREATMENT.

Monday, July 21, 2014

For several months, a hate group called Gender Identity Watch has posted pictures and images of transgender women who have spoken out against them online, along with personal information including where those people work, the names of any spouses, their geographical location, and other demographic information.

Without further ado, I am about to level the playing field. The original website, does not have geotag information on its posters, however, the Facebook group certainly did. 

The locations listed below were garnered from PUBLICLY available geotagging information on the GIW original Facebook page, and represent those who re-published the GIW information repeatedly, and repeatedly left pro-GIW thank you posts on the GIW page. This is not secret information, or private information, the addresses were garnered from those using their own names coupled with geotagging information from their respective public Facebook pages. 

The ringleader for GIW, is Cathy Brennan, who lives on Banks Odee Rd, Newburg MD 20664. Another prominent member, is Linda Hudson, Lafayette Pl, Lake St Louis MO 63387. There is also Nancy Leaman, who lives in an apartment on Bradley Ave, Meriden CT 06451, Justin Allen Norwood, a 29 yr old gay male from San Angelo TX, and two prominent members in Queensland, Australia - the first being Cailey Quinn, who owns a company called Paradise Shade Umbrellas, in Robena QLD Australia, and Kerry Van Gemert, who operates East Coast Home Loans in QLD Australia. 

Within the transgender community, we also have a contributor to GIW, named Katherine Middleton who works as a tattoo artist in Montreal QC Canada. Catherine is someone who made many claims on social media websites, such as Facebook, that she was a transgender female, and yet was sending information back to GIW's Cathy Brennan. Katherine later changed her story to being intersex, and an "androgynous weirdo" who was somehow excluded from GIW's hate and taken into their inner circle.

She made this comment in a response to being identified on Facebook by me:

before posting a rant, titled "Fuck Male Dominant Trans*Activism", captured below in Facebook post # 10203246964887644 before being deleted by Katherine:

"I spent my life being an androgynous weirdo. Humiliated by my family, sexually assaulted, attacked physically, verbally, emotionally. So much so that my own psychologist is surprised that I have been able to stomach simply living afterward. I have survived by understanding "the rules" and developing my own rules to combat them. I know what is threatening and dangerous in allowing myself to be "public" about myself and my life.

I have no interest in imposing my will onto people and as such my conscience is pretty clear about that. Others have pushed me to follow their ideologies and live by their "rules" and I don't intend to start doing any of that. I am a unique person with unique ideologies. I'm well known as a very nice person and people really seem to like me. I feel blessed by that. I don't worry when people get pissy with me about not getting along. But I know that when people push an alpha-male attitude and an agenda of dominance into my presence, I fight back and that typically means I will grab them and choke them out. I'm fine with that. Happens more often than it should, I agree, but I'm still okay with it. People rarely fault me for this as it is surely on their mind as the right course of action. I can proudly say that I've never been brought to that point of anger by any woman. It's just that I'm not grabby like that. My ideals are such that "men" are a threat, "dominance" is a form of control (as it is implied), "alpha-male" behaviour is evolutionarily designed to make women feel attraction (fucking weird that). When Alphas are met with a women who has no interest, they use aggression, forceful, and even violent behaviour to get their way. That's usually when I choke them. Yes, I am a cavewoman, I know. But this fits with my "rules". I don't impose them on others (except for the grabby part).

My rules are long winded and cover so many aspects of my life that one would think I'm OCD, and they'd be right. I'm also autistic, smart, reasonable, and gifted with a black&white sense of justice. It all affords me a certain outlook on the world, and that's how I am weird. I notice subtle things that no one else notices. I see through facades of social behaviours in people and that helps me to know when a person is capable of harming others or myself. Passive aggressive types practically have zero chance with me, I can tell a sociopath from their gait. I know more about people than anyone would ever care to. As a result, I don't go out much at all. But I strangely work in a field of customer service which requires a tremendous amount of interaction with people. Luckily for me, those who seek my services are slightly damaged emotionally. Maybe it is why I ended up here. Most don't have a threatening bone in them, but I must confess that nothing really feels threatening to me anymore. So when a random person behaves aggressive or anyway which I deem to be sideways, I boot their asses out of the shop. My personal life doesn't get involved in my work, although it constantly interferes with my personal time. The private space is precious to me. But there is a group of loonies looking to violate that; all of it.

A few months ago I began writing pieces for genderfatigue. A website that gives writers a venue to vent about the gender dynamic and wishes for a gender-free social environment. There are dozens of colleagues who write on a myriad of topics. But one writer has been catching all the flack for being a feminist. She's brilliant and thought provoking and in most academic environments, she'd be extremely well respected. But there's a steady stream of Internet trolls that come at her about every single word she writes; missing the point that this(genderfatigue) is a discussion and not a forum for diatribe and pulpit-parading. This site is for ideas and none of these ideas are alike. Mostly because there are so many other writers but also because, ideas and gender-theory are transitional. So this one writer makes no distinction between violence-capable men and violence-capable Trans*women, that the rights of women are "earned" and the rights of Trans*women are "taken". This whole theory is based in fact. So it's not really what is the argument that brings out the loonies. What brings out the loonies is that this one writer provides examples of violence-capable men who've transitioned into violence prone trans*women; murderers, child molesters, rapists, criminals and monsters. But as a rapist of women to be convicted as a man then transition to womanhood, should they then be allowed to pursue activities and rights of women that they knowingly tried to stamp out in another woman? Isn't the push to have acknowledgment of womanhood as a violent male predator the same as rape itself? Socially, yeah, hell yeah it is. It's taking something away, then stepping on those who call it out as bullshit is why the loonies are here. So the concept is this: Nobody should be outed for their "birth-gender" and "birth-name". Well, in a world without the gender-dynamic of male dominance, that might be okay. But outside of that fantasy is reality. Where men are predators and can have access to vulnerable women through transitioning. There's an argument that states, "a man is no longer a man after he has taken the medication and surgical steps required to be deemed a woman by the medical establishment." Sure. There is a tipping point in a transitioning person's life when they've achieved that goal. Some people don't have this goal. But regardless of either case, rape, sexual violence, molestation, and murder are acts of power and dominance not of genitalia. So the loonies have other arguments, but as so many are based on the concept that one must accept and live with their point of view or be considered a transphobic-hate-monger, that having any dialog is senseless.

I was recently called out as a purveyor of "transphobic hate speech" due to my association with genderfatigue and its sister site gender identity watch. Although I have written only on concepts of gender as they relate to endocrinological, surgical, and psychological side. All of which I am familiar with as I have gone through all of it. I know how the system works and how it bullies patients into specific doctors care and gives no recourse for malpractice victims. I know it fluently. I write about my perspective and how I survived it. But yet this website is described as a transphobic TERF(Trans-Exclusionary-Radical-Feminist) hate speech repository. Well, how am I writing for them if they are so damned "Exclusionary". The loonies have submitted me(my name) around the web to various Trans-organizations as a purveyor of hate-speech. It boggles the mind. One Trans*woman who started this had some dialog with me as I tried to explain myself and she just kept rambling that I was a hate monger and I have hurt her personally. A total loony in my eyes due to the fact that I'd never heard of her until she started in on me. Then another loony and another and another. Some leaving veiled threats as to "outing me" about god knows what. As it is, I've been open about my relationship with gender identity watch. I do like the Facebook account and twitter feed and pretty much the rest of it. I like it because it is a fresh perspective that is I jaded by the fantasy world of trans*politics and lacks the depressive cynicism and hostility of trans*activism. I think that the activism is crap. 90% percent crap mind you, but crap nonetheless. It consists of two sides: one side preaching false statistics, and the other side blatantly attacking people; like me. I'm attacked because I am not going to associate with transgender role playing. I am not going to call myself "trans*anything", because I'm not Trans. I'm androgynous. Always have been. Always will be. I'm attacked for having ideas that I am happy to express. And I'm attacked for one very specific reason above all others, I'm attacked because the attackers are born men and shutting up women is all they know how to do. They may not like it but hey, it's not their fault, right?"

I will continue to expose more members and supporters each time that they publicly "OUT" a trans woman for being transgender.

What GIW is doing is morally reprehensible but not legally wrong, since the information they posted was publicly available - they just had to dig around the internet and put it all in one place. That's all that I am doing here, using the same methodology that they have applied to us, to them.

Katherine Middleton:

Nancy Leaman:

Linda Hudson:

Cailey Quinn:

Kerry Van Gemert:

Cathy Brennan:

Click here for a DOC of a  Leaked conversation between GIW and trans woman (reproduced with permission) (in MS Word format)