Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cathy Brennan slams head of non-profit Transgender group

Interesting discussion that took place on Facebook this afternoon, sent to me by one of the parties concerned, reposted using single party consent even though Cathy Brennan's comments were publicly made and not made privately to the other party concerned:

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  1. I tried once to have an actual debate with Cathy. But she wouldn't actually debate. She kept repeating slogans and saying stuff like 'sorry for your dick'. She refused to actively chat about it and find out if there was any common ground we could meet on.
    She is only interested in being a problem. She is not actively trying to reach solutions for society. She would rather scream till she is blue in the face instead of actively forging a functional society.
    She is in my estimation a dangerous woman and some day there will likely be real not figurative blood on her hands.