Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 2. Finally a response from GIW. Actually, two posts in one day regarding the outing of their members and supporters - defined as those who consistently re-post GIW articles and post agreement on GIW websites and social media pages.

Firstly, I would like to address something posted 22 hours ago on their current Facebook page:

Cathy, despite your narrow and scientifically and medically proven wrong definitions in all of your categories, I would like to address one category in particular: The "Hermaphrodite". Hermaphrodite was a term commonly used in the past to describe and consequently OPPRESS intersex people. Congratulations on the use of the word "Transgender" as opposed to "Tr*nny" or "Transexual" - it shows that some of last 20 years of community education has not gone completely unnoticed, however, your use of "hermaphrodite" shows that there's still room for improvement.

Justin Norwood: I refute what you have said in your latest GIW website post, entitled "We Know Who You Are" - you are "whoiscis" and you HAVE been exposed. Also, I am not connected with any Twitter actions being taken by others who may or may not fall in the transgender umbrella, although I wish them success in exposing you for the hate and hate-enabling speech you constantly post online. Also, the information I have published is screen captured in its entirety, so is hardly "numerous innocent women".

Cathy, returning to your post regarding the doxxing….there is no illegality and you have no cause. Single-party consent. You should be aware of that.

It's interesting that your post hints at feeling unsafe due to this information being disseminated in a single source - yet this is EXACTLY what YOU DO to women who due to various medical  reasons, may have been assigned male at birth. You play on the misunderstandings of mainstream cisgender society, and are particularly fond of posting "before and after" images to "prove" that a woman is "really a man" thereby putting their very lives in danger. Trans women are 400x more likely to be murdered than a cisgender lesbian. Thank you for exposing so many women to that kind of real fear. You have absolutely no right to complain. You have constantly and consistently exposed women to danger, by taking what they posted in what they believed to be "safe-space" and publishing it hiding behind the very same legal protections currently being utilized by this blog.  

Without further ado, here is today's outing of  more of your GIW members and supporters:

Samantha Wood, University of Waikato, NZ:

Jessica Shepherd Scott, Louisville KY:

Landras Moontree, Louisville KY:

Heidi Peterson Cannon, Lincoln CA:

This will continue to occur with each post made to the GIW.com website. You can no longer publish names, addresses and images of trans women using information published on Facebook, without exposing EVERY SINGLE ONE of your friends and followers to the EXACT SAME TREATMENT.

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  1. woot...good job! let their ass get exposed. fuckers deserve it after outing our community and shit.