Friday, July 25, 2014

More Followers And Contributors of Gender Identity Watch Hate Group

All information obtained from public profiles and publicly available geotagging references on their social media pages, and produced here merely as information so that you can ensure that these people are removed from your social media followers/friends lists:

Jackie Siggens, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK:

Tracie Warden Denga, Modesto CA:

Kaitlyn Newton, Croton-On-Hudson NY:

Abigail Vernon, Hillsboro OR:

Wendy Lev, Utrecht University, Netherlands (admin on Justin Norwood's new Facebook page, Homosexuals Not Homogendurals):

Heather Edens, Wright State University OH:

Katherine Brophy, Madison WI:

And of course, Justin Allan Norwood, of San Angelo TX:

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