Monday, July 28, 2014

The Simple Truth About TERF

Monica Roberts, in her previously quoted TransGriot article, stated that:

"You don’t ignore bigots that have access to power, you confront them head on" 

So today, with the assistance of the Transgender Violence Tracking Project, a not-for-profit website which tracks cisgender violence against trans women, we bring up some well-known tropes and strategies used by groups like the GIW and their followers. I'm paraphrasing here, but the main points of the article are:

“You can’t use the same argument we use against YOU against US!”  


This is THE most seen response to posts made targeted towards the Gender Identity Watch hate group, and its social media team. They constantly put transgender women's lives in actual danger by outing them and posting personal information, yet when their identities are copied from their social media posts and placed on a blog, suddenly we're putting them in danger? Sorry, that argument holds no water because all the violence involving trans women is TOWARDS trans women, not the other way around.

They don’t seem to recognize that their behavior of misgendering individuals have ramifications of violence towards a minority. 

As TVTP wrote, again I'm paraphrasing:

Those in power always slur the minority. The GIW members, supporters, and the organizations head, Cathy Brennan encounter no risk of violence if misgendered- transgender people are the ones that carry the risk of violence.  

TERFs love to deadname trans* folks.  (deadname: using birth names versus legal names)  They love to use the deadname as some sort of declaration that we aren’t real.  So, does that make every married person who accepts the last name of their spouse illegitimate?  Are they ‘not real’?  Should we be deadnaming those who get married and ignore that they have chosen a different path, a legal path for their name?  Absurdity follows absurdity. It’s again back to the ‘I’m the authority’ type of argument that falls flat when compared with facts.   

Phallic Fallacies and Fantasies: Countless examples throughout history show us the extremist views of black and white thinking.  It is a tool in the trade of hate mongering and hate speech.  They ignore all the other evidence that have been listed for a couple decades such as neurological studies, chromosomes, intersex birth variations, etc, yet bring everything back to a phallus. Of course, we all know genitals/genitalia are hardly a descriptor of the makeup of the gender of a person and science has disproven the theory a long time ago.  It’s their largest stumbling block to true understanding of gender identity - the belief they have that penis = man. A penis is a male TRAIT, it doesn't DEFINE A MAN.

Another couple of their arguments are we ‘invading women spaces’ and that we are ‘pretenders’

The TERF tropes have been discussed endlessly back and forth between the trans* community and the TERFs.  No matter if science is brought to bear with proofs, or any other concept is brought to the table, the same old ‘penis’ argument seems to be their primary focus.  Sadly, you can’t argue with someone when all their energies and brain activities are focused on a single point between your legs (which bears a STRONG resemblance to that of teenage boys!).  TERFs are too immobilized to think rationally by their own psychological OCD of the penis.

That doesn’t mean however that we shouldn’t constantly be vigilant in confronting such utter nonsense and hate.  Consistent rebuttal of hate speech and calling out the individuals responsible for such absurdities can be used as a platform to educate the masses.  The conversations with Cathy Brennan and with Kathleen Middleton (the GIW trans-pretender) have brought thousands of people a better understanding of gender identity, and that we have radical haters that do everything they can to stop basic humanity and equality for transgender people.

Every person whether an ally or a trans* person can rise up and dispute the hate being spread.  TERFs aren’t to be feared by our community.  They are to be clearly shown for what they are- haters and fear mongers.  Ms. Roberts summed it up nicely in her article: “…you cannot ignore in the vain hope she [or TERFS] will go away someone who has the access to policy making tables that Brennan has and the willingness to use it against us.   It's a dangerous combination when you have a trans bigot willing and unrepentantly able to not only express anti-trans attitudes, but is actively working to inject them into policies that will have deleterious effects upon the entire trans community not only here in the United States but around the world.”

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  1. THIS is the COMPLEX truth about TERFs and their unbalanced mental state: Will be happy to answer more question for you on this topic of progressive mental instabiity in genetic women as they age, because of low Estradiol levels.