Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What happens when TERFs threaten trans women and their allies

They get exposed. 

Yesterday, Gender Identity Watch posted hate fueled images and content regarding a well-respected transgender woman in the community. People have also reported receiving strange phone calls and voicemail messages.

Every time Cathy Brennan/GIW/Homosexuals Not Homogendurals/any associated group or person actively threatens or causes emotional harm to a transgender woman or an ally, this blog will out more and more of them so that transgender women can safely identify them:

First of today's 2 in the rouges' gallery:

Nick Khamhou Dethoudo Chaleunphone. Particularly vociferous trans-basher on Facebook. Nick like to think that he's in the military by volunteering with the US Coastguard Auxiliary and playing on boats on weekends. He's 38, almost 39 years old, and an immigrant from Laos. He is also an ardent naturist. Yes, this man is the epitome of the creepy naked man who lives next door. Hopefully, he doesn't live next door to you

Next we have another fine specimen for the rogues' gallery. Ms Kitty Barber. Kitty has a rap sheet longer than any "advocate" in living history. Kitty is currently in Madison WI, and has the distinction of being shot several times while evading police capture after brandishing a firearm at a police officer who gave chase. Yes, she is a violent lesbian cisgender woman who talks about transgender women being "men" and says that "all men are violent"…..let that sink in a moment before reading further:


An excerpt:

"A former UW-Madison law student shot by police last December was formally charged Monday.
Katherine I. ``Kitty'' Barber, 41, of Milwaukee, was released on $3,000 signature bond after she was charged with fleeing an officer, second-degree reckless endangering safety and endangering safety with a dangerous weapon.
If convicted, Barber faces a maximum of four years and nine months in prison and a fine of $20,300. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 10.
An innocent plea was entered for Barber, who appeared in a wheelchair and was represented by attorney Dean Strang"



"Madison police officer William Murphy testified Wednesday that his life turned to slow motion when he and Kathrine ``Kitty'' Barber faced off with drawn guns.
Murphy was one of two officers to testify at a preliminary hearing for Barber, who is charged with endangering safety and fleeing officers for a bizarre episode last Dec. 1 in which she led police on a highspeed chase, held a gun to her head, and was shot several times after police said she leveled her gun at Murphy.<
After the testimony of Murphy and fellow officer Mark Zwart who had begun the chase on East Washington Avenue, Dane County Circuit Judge Richard Callaway ruled that the prosecution had produced sufficient evidence to warrant a trial in the case"

More to follow………...


  1. she drew a gun at a police officer?! How is she out on the streets?!?!?

  2. Shocking, it turns out the violent ones are the people running these anti "trans" woman websites trying to vilify the person changing sex,..When in fact it's the militant lesbian and probably wanna be transgender men, This woman had firearms on cops and a shootout & she wants me to worry about harm from a transgender woman, lol

  3. Is this blog still going because it should be. Gender Identity Watch is get viler everyday.