Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Note to Employers Everywhere: Beware of Anti-Trans Cyberbullies

This is a public notice for all employers of transgender individuals. You are simply being sent this notice because an abusive anti-trans activist group may attempt to target your employee in the future. Your employee likely did nothing to warrant such an attack and no action is required on your part, this is simply a notice for your awareness.

As you know, transgender and other minority employees are as valuable and productive additions to your workforce. Anti-transgender activist groups such as Cathy Brennan may contact you and attempt to intimidate and manipulate you in an effort to threaten your employee's job security.

It is important to note that if one of these groups attempt to contact you, it does not mean your employee has done anything wrong; but rather that they are a target of discrimination.

Here are some resources to further educate yourself to the existence of anti-trans hate groups such as Cathy Brennan's own Gender Identity Watch

Thousands of people have petitioned to properly label Gender Identity Watch as a hate group

To groups such as Gender Identity Watch and other trans discrimination groups, no target is off limits - including 16-year old children
Information regarding Cathy Brennan from RationalWiki 

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